Tuesday, July 10, 2007

smiley mascot...

smiley mascot
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i will never, ever forget this photo.

i took this when i first used a dslr, ever. prior to the trip, i thought i was already armed with techniques i have read from various photography references in the net. so i was really disappointed when i could not get the correct exposure!!! i insisted on using non-auto modes kasi pa-pro kunwari hehehe....

i thought i'd be going home empty-handed. i was even contemplating on how to explain to bin that i have given up on photography, our future bread and butter (mwehehehe).... when this stingray smiled upon me. :)

i think i only got 5 decent photos out of the 1gb cf i used up, but this photo definitely made my day. :D

it was only later that i learned that theathers, museums (haller, aquamuseum!), concert halls are some of the most challenging venues to take good photos because, more often, they lack of good light source. heheh palusot.

taken using Scout.


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