Friday, July 30, 2004

relax, see a movie...

The film clips below contain scenes that are not intended for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

if you've already seen it, never mind.
but if not yet, turn on your surround sound, turn of your lights, sit tight, relax and see the movie.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

bull's eye...

No one ever saw me like you do,
All the things that I could add up to,
I never knew just what a smile was worth,
But your eyes say everything without a single word.

'Cause there's something in the way you look at me,
It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece,
You make me believe that there's nothing in this world I can't be,
I never know what you see,
But there's something in the way you look at me.

If I could freeze a moment in my mind,
It'll be the second that you touch your lips to mine,
I'd like to stop the clock, make time stand still,
'Cause baby this is just the way I always wanna feel...

...I don't know how or why I feel different in your eyes,
All I know is it happens every time...

...'Cause there's something in the way you look at me,
It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece,
You make me believe that there's nothing in this world I can't be,
I never know what you see,
But there's something in the way you look at me...

The Way You Look At Me
by Christian Bautista

Friday, July 23, 2004

one, two, three!...

and counting! :-)

roger federer won his 2nd wimbledon title this year. lance armstrong is racing for his unprecedented six in a row. kenneth duremdes will be playing for his 9th all-star game. alex pagulayan took his 1st wpc trophy.

well, for rish and me, we're happy and blessed celebrating the 3rd.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

buhay siklista...

after his first stage win in the alps, lance armstrong regained the familiar yellow jersey. armstrong, one of the 5 five-time winner, is right on track and created a 1-minute 25-second lead over his closest rival, racing for his 6th record-breaking tour de france title.

the tour will resume on its 16th stage tomorrow.

can he breakaway? well, follow armstrong and the rest of the pack as they continue to pedal to the mountains.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

mang bata...

this is my all-time-number-one-whatever-sport-idol, mang efren :) this super galing, humble, charming [-ly toothless hehe] guy has endeared himself not just to us, his kababayans but all the other billiard fans who have had the privilege to watch him in action.

so this world pool championship is a must-watch! [um, for our case must-check sa internet:P ] he is expected to once again play his magic on the table and emerge as the champion...nobody else... er, at least by 4 people i know :)
POSTSCRIPT: unfortunately, my "bata" lost (wpc's won by a "part-time" filipino)... sigh... i must have felt it beforehand, as i only bet a candy :)anyway, there's always next time :P

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

stars at the all-star...

this is houston...the place of mlb's 75th all-star game.

but before the all-stars' clash, boxing legend muhammad ali threw the ceremonial pitch, actually, he did'nt throw, just handed the balls, one from each hand to the two kids who will actually do the pitching.

while going to the mound, ali showed some boxing moves -- combination punches, even gave derek jeter few play punches later in the mound, trying to display one of his elegant moves and unshakable stances during his reign.

after the opening pitches, american idol 3rd-season winner fantasia barrino sung in her own rendition of the us national anthem, which was not pitchy for me :-), i just don't know how the fans and the judges reacted :-). i don't know either how irish would have commented if she was able to watch it.

not to be overshadowed by the powerful voice of fantasia, american idol second-season winner ruben studdard sung "God Bless America" in the seventh inning stretch.

the game's highlight started early in the first inning, when the american league all-stars drove 6 runs from starting pitcher roger clemens, who received an achievement award during the game. the national league all-stars came back and rallied in the 4th inning by scoring 3 runs but it was not enough, losing the game 4-9 and the american league rolled to their 7th consecutive wins since 1997, not including the tied-game in 2002.

with bunches of stars in the field, alfonso soriano emerged as the biggest star of them all by hitting a 3-run homerun in the 1st and eventually winning his first all-star game MVP award.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

tgif in odaiba...

last friday was spent differently as i decided to grab the chance to leave my work early for a little trip to odaiba. our company managed to acquire tickets to an IT expo and everybody were invited, so long you're willing to spend for transpo and get clearance from your day's work. asking permission to go from my senpai was easy, he was never difficult with things like this. what made me think twice in going though was the sure two thousand yen i'd have to shell out for transpo... but because that was odaiba [venus fort instantly came to mind], with a camera in my bag i went anyway.

my very first click was of this imposing structure that housed the expo for three days. cool huh? :) first time i've been here was about 4 years ago, same expo as far as i can remember. this starwars-inspired building called tokyo bigsight has a total flr area of 230,873 sqm, of which 80,660 sqm dedicated to indoor exhibition spaces [info i only lifted from their website minus the starwars thingy :P]. it is practically situated amidst odaiba's cluster of malls, exhibition halls and amusement park [yeah, ferris wheel and all]. every gaijin should visit odaiba, architecture like this is almost everywhere :)

as for the expo, i guess it was a success judging from the number of japanese IT companies from here and abroad that joined. the company i belong to had one booth shared with 5 others in a space provided for our country. you know what's the "fun part" here? knowing the volatile people movement within IT community in the philippines, it would be inevitable to meet somebody you know from your previous company/ies. so when me and my partner [i was with an officemate/friend pala] went, we were at least half expecting that we'd meet again people from our previous "endeavor" which turned out to be the same company . thus, when we saw this somebody, a manager i think [i swear i forgot the name] we did exchange brief pleasantries [or at least tried to :D], you know, him saying the usual " musta ka na? ang tagal mo na dito ha? galing mo na siguro magnihonggo?" to which i replied "ndi pa rin... nasa inyo pa ba si *** ". turned out i sounded i expected the person i asked to have left already. sagot sya sounding offended "oo naman". ngiti na lang ako... [sorry di sadya hehe].

hmmm, i forgot to mention earlier that we were looking forward to the freebies each booth had to offer. the moment we reached the hall [it was already 3pm when we got there!] and had brief hello to everybody i felt like greeting [konti lang sila hehe] we went around signing everything we could :P [they will only give you those freebies in exchange for a filled out survey form]. i intentionally did not take pictures inside to maximize the remaining 2 hrs. of the exhibit :). the giveaways varied from the very handy electric fan and stress ball to popcorn and bottled water that made up for our snack of the day. me and my partner were guilty of "hit and run", my boss knew of this anyway so what the heck?! hehe we left the soonest we heard the thank you message over the speakers. there's still more left on our itinerary:)

one train station away from bigsight is the ever glorious venus fort, a venice-themed shopping haven for shopaholics with money. [so evidently that does not include me. :P ] from the outside the mall looks just like any ordinary outlet shop but the interior is artistic with typical european ambiance. although our feet were killing us, it was fun to attempt to be glamorous and at least check out the garments marked "on sale", we later found out that "on sale" in venus fort doesnt necessarily mean we can afford it. just to give you idea the cheapest cap i checked was 4thou yen [RL naman kasi hehe]. we left empty handed [buti na lang kundi nagsisisi na ko] but with full stomach nevertheless... we had a quick bite[yes again, we were walking that's why!] at a wafflehouse which surprisingly has good prices. :)

after that, we visited the toyota showroom just across the mall. and had a blast snapping away pictures :D see this futuristic car? toyoto calls this a personal mobility car "fits you like a glove". o di ba :D unfortunately, it is only out for visitors to see and not "ride". anyway, we had convertibles, 4wd, sedan. those were more than enough for me...hehehe too bad i didnt have my intl driver's license with me [naks mangarap ba??], there's this 1.4 km driving course dubbed as ride-one, where visitors can take a car of their choice out for a spin. galing di ba? :)

i got home by 11pm. it was fun, tiring but fun. i know i covered only a little area of odaiba, there's so much more to see! i promised myself to visit that coooool place again and bring bin and friends along. im sure they'll enjoy the showroom just as much as i did. i heard the sony showroom, sega amusement park [virtual skydiving yey!], national museum for technology are must-see. next time just has to be an all-day tour :D

Thursday, July 08, 2004

bala sa kanyon...

apparently that's what our "beloved" government has turned our kababayans into when our "beloved" government decided to send a "peacekeeping" contingent to iraq [word in quote humours me now]. three civilians were killed, three soldiers wounded and one now being held hostage by those people-acting-god [am just not referring to the hostage-takers here]... who needs more proof to support my claim?

war is getting closer to home. about 2 weeks ago i can only just empathize with the family of a korean national beheaded by those terrorists. the family's pain and agony were featured in all news program... a drama for all the world to see. what's worse prior to the man's death, a video showing him begging for his life was played by these same news networks, so disturbing was the scenario that until now i could still see him blindfolded and hear his voice in my head crying out "i dont want to die!"

now, president arroyo after the fanfare in winning the elections, will you just be just like sung, unmoved and unrattled over a kababayan's plea for life?

Sunday, July 04, 2004

first is sweet...

two more sets and andy roddick will capture his first men's singles wimbledon title and the first time in 4 years for an american player after pete sampras bagged it in 2000. maria sharapova on the other hand overpowered defending champion serena williams with a stunning 6-1,6-4 victory in their final match yesterday, snapping serena's quest for a three in a row and eventually winning her first women's singles trophy, marking sharapova as the first russian to win the crown and the third youngest at the age of 17 after martina hingis took it at age 16 in 1997 and charlotte dod at the age of 15 in 1887.

second seed roddick has to dismantle top seed and defending champion roger federer of switzerland for him to get that elusive title. but now that federer evened the match at one set apiece, it's now a tougher task.

this final match pits top seeds showdown in 22 years, the last time was in 1982 when top seed john mcenroe was defeated by second seed jimmy connors in five sets.

the tournament has been rain-delayed twice. one in the 3rd set when roddick is leading 4-2, but when the blue sky finally came, the swiss surged taking 3 consecutive games and winning the set, making it 2-1.

just like the first three sets, 6-4, 7-5, 7-6, the fourth set was played in a similarly close fashion. both players showed superb plays, even leveled at 4-4, but the defending champion went on to deliver in some crucial plays winning the fourth set, 6-4 and closing it out with a powerful ace. after smashing the final ace, federer threw his knees on the ground, bended backward and screamed in celebration of his second title.

i thought roddick will go all the way after the first set, perhaps irish too, who also cheered for the american, and i even predicted to go down to five, but federer's style, patience and coolness were unquestionably brilliant turning my predictions into ashes and making the 21 year-old american still longing for the title.