Tuesday, April 19, 2005

mood change...

I am the beautiful, Hiroshi Erizawa.
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Monday, April 18, 2005


it's just the end of the line for me and this person.

i can't reiterate anymore all the things that make me want to run away whenever this person talks. and not engaging in any discussion with this person would be too hard but possible this time with enough will power just to save myself from slowly dying of repressed 'suya'. let's just say that we clash in personalities, so much that you'd applaud me dear people for knowing that it takes so much strength on my part to withhold my usual mataray self. see, most of you may not even have a clue. 'cause i swear, i tried hard to give this so-called kinship a gazillion second-looks. but everytime, i end up virtually whacking my head for actually believing that there could be more good than bad to this person as far as my opinion on what constitutes the bad and the good is concern.

i could take the severe kayabangan, mind you it's really severe and it doesnt come few far between. i could take the always grossly put false humility. but it's the trust or the lack of it on my part that irates me the most. it's no wonder that if this person has the skin to make fun [or thrash, as far as current event is concern] of and behind the back of this other person and still has the nerve to call him/herself a friend to this other person, then no doubt i am severely screwed as much as my reputation goes to the poor fellows who have no choice but to listen, who may or may not know me personally just so he/she can bask to whatever little speck of light he/she has. the people this person's constantly with? i so pity by the way.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

spring again...

nope, it's N/A where I am now but to MLB followers, spring starts no matter where you are.

the yankees and the red sox - perhaps, the greatest rivalry in professional sports, opened the 2005 season at the yankee stadium and hideki matsui homered registering the first homerun of the season.

new york nipped boston 9-2 infront of about 54,000 fans.

oh yes! my baseball life!