Friday, July 22, 2005

jologs na kung jologs...

time surely flies fast when you're having fun. bin and i will be celebrating our 4th anniversary tomorrow! holycow! ambilis!

four years ago, by this time bin had already professed his undying lust for me ahehehe. and if i could describe myself then at this same time, i'd be in a client's office, intensely glaring at my desktop monitor, trying to project the i-kill-when-disturbed look, but actually thinking about "our situation". i'd be probably smiling once in a while, playing over and over what he said [sa min na lang yun!]and what happened the night before [sa min na lang din to!]in my head. i'd look probably impatient to the knowing... counting for every seconds to tick by. because i knew then that when night falls i'd see him again. hehehe drama but true...

ay, it's great to be *inlab*! tom cruise is in his 40s yet still makes a fool of himself because of chubachuchu [or so he projects lang kaya?]. many people search high and low to find, sometimes the elusive, the one [and im not referring to neo hehe]. so finding bin may seem like a stroll in the park in comparison. easy. we may have seen probable odds then, but we couldn't just deny that the feelings were so right. ;)

from that, we made the decision to be together. we started to do things together, visit new places together, experience life together. it's all what i perceived happiness to be. :)

but soon enough, in between all the joys are the trials. little arguments were sometimes blown out of proportion. most of the time, by me. hehehe i was this ma-pride person who'd make tiny issues into a matter of life and death. but still bin put up with me.

yes, i was very well-informed that in a relationship one has to take the responsibility, own his/her part to work out whatever is given to begin with. it wont work if it's a one-way thing. i've seen it soo many times. the giving one is bound to give up in the end. and the always receiving one won't just know what hits him/her. it's a pity.

but what has changed in me are not brought by what i've seen from others or what i thought a relationship should be. but from our bitter-sweet friend called experience. a year into our relationship, we had this argument that led in me asking him for a cool-off as much as he disagreed i insisted which brought him to agreeing eventually. but when reality sunk in [less than a minute?] ndi ko pala kaya!!

i learned eventually that angry words when hurled at him are curved blades. it scars us both. that saying sorry does not mean that i am a loser, but admitting that i am ready to see it his way because i believe that he would not want to intentionally hurt me. with that im now giving a conscious effort not to thread the same path where relationships are broken because of ugly pride.

i'd be gago, tanga, inutil, walang kwenta if i'd let him go.

now, i have to strongly object to katie holmes saying that "tom is the kindest, smartest, most adoring man".... my man is much better than that! [bumabawi hehehe]

hope you guys, would disagree with me too in the same light.. any sooner. ;-)

Monday, July 04, 2005

it's wimbledon! (recap)...

indeed! another 1-2 seed finals showdown. a repeat performance of last year's finals and again ended in similarly the same fashion. federer the winner and roddick still at the losing end.

federer is just too good for roddick in the recently concluded wimbledon final. a 9-1 win-loss all-time record against roddick is simply a mastery. it seems no man can beat federer on grass...yet.

rafael nadal, the french open champion had an early exit after bowing out in the second round. that energetic rising kid in purontong still needs more grass exposure.

in the ladies' finals, a sweet revenge of venus for serena by beating maria sharapova in the semis and then topping lindsay davenport in that spectacular come-from-behind full-set victory in the finals. well, the williams are now back on top again.

prediction :
roddick and sharapova