Friday, October 08, 2004

about a girl...

how i tried not to give her this... the rejoicing feeling of being called "a girl". :) not that i hate her, [how can you hate the ONLY person who trusted you to snip away her hair twice?!] i am just sadista that i so love it when she tries so damn hard to defend herself... [she gets too emotional kasi with this topic hehehe... figures noh?:) ]. but since she is my "dear" friend [no wonder i have too few "dear" friends hehehe], i agreed to give her my very own version of "benefit of the doubt" and "on second thought", and started on calling her "bading".

ok, before i get the gay community pounding my door, suing me for libel, or worst, plotting how to castigate me [that includes another "dear friend" who might read this... ;) ]... please be assured that this girl i am talking about, holds no criminal record [yun nga lang not necessarily of good moral character hehehe ], is trustworthy [gee, this i really hope, she knows too damn well about me... ] and is praying for world peace... so associating her to your preference-slash-orientation[i hope i got this one right :) ] would not in anyway be a derogatory statement :)... fair enough?

uh well... that would be until you see her in her most-kahihiyan-challeged-self and we will all agree to mark her "unclassified"! mwahahahaha...

but i'm not about to give the full details of her katok chronicles, because i'm still entrusting so many of my bloopers to her [which failed in comparison, way down below her count and gravity believe me...] and i know that she gets very creative in taking revenge [insert luka-laugh here] :P

i'm just here to tell you of how i remember this girl and of at least those "clean and censored" things that she did, those i know she'll one day can forgive me for blogging :P so here we go...

- i remember when she made this to-do list before she turned 2_ [was that 26??? hehe], and that includes going to madagascar. yes, of all places, yes, madagascar. weird noh? ask her why and her answer is weirder. :)

- i remember her singalong version of m2m!! ooohh i won't forget that... she played the cd, nonstop, gasgas na yun ha. to the point that i had to threaten her to play it once more or she'll never find it again! :D so when she tells you her favorites are indigo girls, enya, ebtg ... no waaaaayyy... it's m2m :P

- she's always been a morning person that she wakes up at really ungodly hours! [6-7am to me is still ungodly hehe]i'd be still on my 2nd rem cycle and she'd already be there up bathed and dressed and/or reading. but come nightime she'd be sleeping way too early... and it didn't matter if she's at other people's place, in a car, or in a bar! yup, she can fall asleep in the middle of those drums and electric guitars, [maybe it helped when the band's b-o-r-i-n-g]... but now, she has this crazy schedule, that i am wondering how is she putting up with it... hmmm [tsong, di ka pa naman durugista no?? :P]

- i wouldn't really call her a fashionista 'cause that would either mean she follows trend or it's her fashion that's being followed... she's not any of the two... kasi she's one of a kind when it comes to this! she just has this distinct taste. that i still dont get sometimes hehehe... from hair [don't let me start on this.. her hair has been subjected to different kinds of abuse!] down to her hats [the bonnet with fake hair?? sa office?? ] to her dress [you should see her babae-sa-balete-drive costume!] to her shoes [eto medyo tame] hehehe ... but then i admire her courage to wear what she wants... :D

- she reads a lot!! something i should be happy about because this would mean lotsa books to borrow! but then i found her reading taste too... wide i suppose. there was this one time when she gushed how this certain writer answers man's questions about God that she convinced me to buy a copy and so i did [couldn't borrow hers because she lives so far from me that time]... but it turned out to be a complete bore to me... :P i'm always after the entertainment factor kasi! :D so now, i checked online book reviews first when she recommends something hehehe

- she's eksibisyonista. [no details follow]

- she's my first business partner :D hey! we sold all our items ha. and she's one hell of an advertiser. imagine she managed to sell a pair of earrings to our company's driver??? :D

- she'd dance for discounts!! kaya di sya malimutan ni mang willie! hehehe

so there, now i don't know what will happen of this friendship :P . but this i tell you... inspite, despite and because of all those things, i'm happy that she remains so "dear" to me. :) and of the years that went by without seeing each other [almost 2 yrs!] made me look forward to going home this december all the more. :D
happy birthday to you, dear! :D