Thursday, December 09, 2004

what i learned from work...

i feel so sad today.

my boss-nanay will be transfered to a different group and it has to happen soon. haay. i maybe OA to some people who've seen my ym status earlier [yup, "some good things never last" is all about this] but sad is what i am, really.

it's a shock to everyone much so to her. it's something like she's informed yesterday, and she must move today. and the manner on how she delivered the news to us makes us all sad in the group, even more. at first i didnt quite get it [meetings are always in nihongo] and so i just listened and picked out some words along the way [i got "transfer" "different group" and "soon"]. but she must have expected i didnt completely get it. so she explained it to me in english [it was just us two that time]. she said sorry for not to telling this to us any earlier but we all know she didnt need to. i am sure i saw tears brimming in her eyes when we were talking. she must really love the job that she's doing and leaving is not what she want right now. i'm proud in a way for myself that i managed to think of the right words to say. i told her that this must mean new challenges for her and congratulations is in order, and thanked her profusely for all the things and knowledge she imparted to me.

i didn't know that for almost two years i am assigned here i should be really thankful for the people i work with, much so my bosses [i have a nanay and tatay]...until now. looking back, i really never had any problems with them... and i'm not saying i am never one to them. but then again, they never really showed it. they are constantly appreciative of things we arubaitos do. they never looked down on us. they really know how to motivate you to believe in yourself. i got sick and they never did make me feel that i need to get back to work immediately. they were even the ones to offer me vacation leaves so i can rest.

being the opinionated me, i couldn't imagine myself hinting any nasty remarks back at them. [apart from the seatmate-pana that i always have the urge to strangle because he is always sarcastic, sardonic and loud in a bad way even to his own, very nice if i may add, boss!].

see, it's almost heaven at work. and without batting an eyelash i'd say, i love working here a lot more than back home. i dont even care if i render 60hrs overtime for work and not file for it. [yes i can get crazy sometimes]

this must be what it means when they say "you cannot command respect. you need to earn it." i've learned that i still can be an obedient and respectful follower and not be jaded when it comes to rules and authority, after all.