Monday, April 10, 2006

wakuwakushite iru...

since we're done with a quarter of 2006, i feel that december will soon be here.

so, i think, it's now ok to share what our alter egos been up to... it's not much, but just to show how it is slowly taking shape.

you may view this and this.

you know drill... sign the message board and guestbook when applicable, ok? :)

btw, i'm the 'AI' that they are referring to. ;)

may tomorrow be something good...

the anticipation is killing me.

sometimes it is easier to just know it when it happens, than sit all day torturing myself with what ifs and what nots and be so freaking hopeful anyway. i constantly remind myself to be prepared for the worst.. but before i can even say deoxyribonucleic acid, i once again daydream about it.

i could be really good when it comes to setting myself up for a big smack on the face. when waiting is concerned, i have no balls. tsk.

BUT, ontheotherhand... who wants to be left in the dark, di ba? ay labo.