Tuesday, June 26, 2007

wimbledon 2007...

wimbledon2007 now under way and my cheers will to go...

women's singles champion : maria sharapova or martina hingis
men's singles champion : andy roddick or rafael nadal

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


as a newbie in photography i appreciate all the comments given to my photos. kahit inokray pa yan basta i can learn from it, i'll be thankful.

i know that nice comments coming from bin and my friends can be 90% biased hehehe ...so this mail i found in my inbox. coming from a stranger commenting on my photos at Betterphoto.com.. really made my day :D

Wow you really take some awesome pictures!! I am still learning and
don't have the greatest camera.. but hey, we all have to start some
where... any how, i just wanted to tell you that I really like your pictures!
Have a great day!

the attached photo is one of them...
im just floored and happy! :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

japanese wedding parade...

japanese wedding parade
Originally uploaded by airisshuu
nearby harajuku sta. is meiji jinja (meiji shrine), a very famous shrine to get married for japanese.... i would say like manila cathedral or san agustin church in the phil. almost every 15mins a newlywed couple come out for a short parade in the vicinity of the shrine.

i really felt like a paparazzi here, complete with guards shoving us to give way hehehe

cosplay @ harajuku

cosplay @ harajuku sta.
Originally uploaded by airisshuu
i had a great time playing paparazzi last saturday at harajuku with my officemate and friend, jetli (a talented photographer, by the way).

it was actually my first time to take shots of people i dont know in close range. good thing nobody took offense when i point my camera straight to their face.

harajuku is the most famous hangout of cosplayers here in japan. i think they gathered there to provide entertainment to tourists hehe. i've never seen that many foreigners gathered in one place here in jp. :D

some cosplayers were actually nice - they will even do poses for you. others were probably shy or , as i have been told, for fear that their parents might see them there, would hide their face (with all the makeups) from our cameras - so we just took candids.

i'll be posting more on our smug and my flickr accts. along with other things i saw in harajuku. enjoy! :D

*cosplay - costume play.

ps. these harajuku girls were the inspiration of gwen stefani for her latest music video. :) i have yet to see it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

meet holden and scout...

we just bought our *ehem* first babies! :D
and we named them : holden and scout.

here are some attempts to squeeze out whatever creative juices left in our bodies.. :D

ok, bin twisted my arm to include this :
we are now open for business! pambawi sa gastos ng aming kapritso. :D

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

shawn to shine (recap)...

nba's mvp : dirk nowitzki
alvin's mvp : shawn marion

nba's roy : brandon roy
alvin's roy : brandon roy

nba's eastern conference champion : cleveland cavaliers
alvin's eastern conference champion : miami heat

nba's western conference champion : san antonio spurs
alvin's western conference champion : phoenix suns

nba's champion : spurs vs. cavs
alvin's champion : suns

1 out of 5. too bad.

remembering jim...

When I think of Pastor Jim... my History and Prophecy lessons with him, my wedding last year and my electronic Bible never fail to come to mind.

Pastor Jim had been a constant fixture in our lives. From the day we got to know him and his family, he made a point to be in touch. It was as if there were no oceans between us. He was there every step of the way to guide us and help us be strong in our faith. He was one of the best teachers I had - he would always encourage us to ask questions to learn more.

He was also a great, compassionate friend. I still can vividly remember, about 12 years ago, when the electronic Bible he gave was confiscated at my University. He came with me to the school and talked to the Dean of the Pastoral Affairs who was in possession of the item. He had a long conversation with him questioning why they had to get the Bible and why it should be rightly returned to me. Unfortunately, we did not get the Bible back but I was deeply moved and touched by what he did.

The last time I saw him was at my wedding. Despite his very delicate health condition, he came to officiate. We humbly requested him and his family to be there, understandably he could not promise to come, but he did come. I, my wife and our whole family could not be happier. But our goodbye was bittersweet. For he somehow knew that it would be the last time we'd see each other.

When I think of these and so many other good things he did for me, for the Philippine brethren and for everybody, I feel so blessed and grateful to have met and known him. His untiring efforts for the ministry, his unselfish act of sharing of what he had, his enduring patience to continue the work despite his limiting physical strength and health condition, his relentless advices not to waver from the faith will always be in our hearts and vivid in our memories. He was, still and will always be an inspiration for us to continue the things he taught and showed us, to be steadfast in our faith and to do the things that please God so that when the day comes, we will all be in His Kingdom.