Tuesday, April 10, 2007

love bus...

kyoto-shonandai, just a night bus away.

a 7-hour bus plus 45-minute train ride can take me to shonandai - to rish. i wish i could be with her everyday, be beside her every single night but for now it's not possible(she, working in yamato. me, working in kyoto). but i'm still happy and fortunate that i could still visit her at least 3 times a month and sometimes spend 4 weekends together when she visits me in kyoto.

the travel is long and tiring, fare is quite expensive. but i think they all worth it, because being with your loved one is far more important than getting a stiff neck from an overnight trip or a little tightening of budget to buy tickets and absolutely incomparable with the priceless moments when you're together.